OK Go - “I’m Not Through”

One thing I love about OK Go’s videos is all of the creative work that goes into them and seeing the behind the scenes of how they’re made… These are some screens from my video paired with bits of my research and influences that went into creating them.

My approach to the video was to build a storyline around the lyrics using mainly the Instagram feeds from the members of the band (over 40 of their pics are represented in some manner in the video). I used their online presence elsewhere (Twitter, Youtube, blog interviews, etc.) to fill in the gaps.

you can view the video here:



: )

the string section

the conveyer belt served as a mass unloading of ideas, it was where i would collect sketches/ideas to use elsewhere. After awhile, the section began to serve as a sort of an Island of Misfit Toys so i left it in… In the final week of work (and a million playthroughs), it was feeling too disconnected from the storyline… but after looking through Instagrams again, the airport idea revealed itself to tie it all together.

wiggly lines…

To get the movement of the lines (which were done to pick up on energy of the underlying guitar part) each part of every image has been drawn at least 3 times, then these 3 frames repeat… Below is a timelapse of just the hand for the fistbump scene… The fistbump scene is just 1 second long in the video, and took about 4.5 hours to create (luckily i was able to reuse the robot later).